CLPE_Core_Book_List_KS1 CLPE_Core_Book_List_KS2 Forty books for higher attainers-y6 Choosing and Using Quality Children’s Texts Reading Genre Record main KS1_Reading-Journals_2104-National-Curriculum KS2_Reading-Journals_2104-National-Curriculum Grapheme chart Providing children with engaging and accessible books Click HERE for Roald Dahl resources Click HERE for Oxford Reading Owl Click HERE for Read Theory-online books and quizzes FREE! Click HERE for Epic books Click …


Xavier Reading Assessment grids Year1  Year2  Year3  Year4  Year5 Year6 Whole school English writing skills for parents and children. The year group could be stuck in the child’s book to self assess against and a copy sent home to parents. Click HERE Resources from Xavier Secondary KS3 Summative assessment – Literature – Years 7 and …


English Progression of Skills Reading Progression of Skills Creating_excitement_around_a_new_class_book Research_-_school_library_review English Planning ideas Year 1 planning example Year 2 planning example Year 3 planning example Year 4 planning example Year 5 planning example Year 6 planning example Reading project ideas Reading room – Project outlines Book Bingo