Building Resilience


Pupils must be able to collaborate seamlessly in both physical and virtual spaces. Connection and collaboration with others are essential not only to their learning but their mental and emotional health. Pupils should be encouraged to work collaboratively both within the classroom and beyond. Some tools that can promote this are: Google Drive Pages Keynote Showbie – …

GRIT stickers

Use these stickers in class to help build resilience in our students. This helps students reflect on their learning and learn from mistakes.  


A place to organize all your documents. Save web pages, photos, files, docs, PDF, notes and organize them into collections – these can then be shared with your classes.  

QR Code

A QR code generator that allows you to create QR codes of text, videos or website links. Students can scan codes with the app or their iPhone camera Ways to use QR codes in your teaching Algorithms Marketplace exercise Hidden/unknown hints More kinaesthetic task Students having a choice of task to complete (Example image below) …


Safari app allows students to be more independent in and outside of the classroom.

My favourite no

Pupils have to complete some short questions at the start of the lesson on either post it notes or small cards. The teacher collects them in and quickly creates two piles of correct and incorrect answers. Using a visualiser a couple of these are shared to celebrate the strong responses, whilst also celebrating the mistakes …

Misconception plenary

Plenary activity where 4 answers are displayed on the board. Pupils are asked which answer reflective of a question, for example which answer is equivalent to 320 x 100. A discussion ensues surrounding these 4 answers where the children have to decide which is a true reflection, why, and why the wrong answers are wrong. …

Hints and tips

Provide the children with hints, tips or clues to help scaffold learning. These can be differentiated and easily written on post it notes, use QR codes or simply folded paper around the room. You will be amazed how much they want to try on their own before looking at the hint!