Xavier Reading Assessment grids

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Whole school English writing skills for parents and children. The year group could be stuck in the child’s book to self assess against and a copy sent home to parents. Click HERE

Resources from Xavier Secondary KS3

Summative assessment – Literature – Years 7 and 8

Read with RIC resources

Read with RIC Objectives Year1

Read with RIC Objectives Year2 Interim Framework

Read with RIC Assessment_Objectives Sheet LKS2 Yr 3 and 4

Read with RIC Assessment_Objectives Sheet UKS2 (1) Year 5 and 6

New Method Plan – Romans on the Rampage

Editable Reading Display Pages

VIPER Reading Skills resources

Reading VIPERS Question Stems KS1 – PDF (1)
Reading VIPERS Question Stems KS2 – PDF

Primary English Education

Guided Reading question prompts_KS1

Guided Reading question prompts_KS2