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Marking codes

Pupils have their writing/work returned with feedback indicated using a marking code. Pupils write What Went Well and Even Better If to respond to this. Saves time lost through teacher providing repeated feedback, and pupils engage more with feedback. Can be used for peer and self-assessment.

Feedback stickers

Create and print mark schemes and common targets on stickers to enable quick self and peer assessment. Saves the teacher time and it is a great way to train the children in becoming more accurate with marking their work.


An app that marks multiple choice questions for you! Feedback can be given instantly. Teachers can use the summary to respond to feedback and to see which questions the class struggled with and then address these areas. https://www.zipgrade.com/

KS3 Assessment and Monitoring: 2016 and beyond

Up until now we have held off on moving away from levels, but with the vast majority of new GCSE specifications starting in September 2016, and the KS2 levels being replaced with the Year 6 test score we decided that it was time to think again. In the beginning… When the DfE announced that the …

The Effect of Music on Student Achievement

Identify a few key words or key phrases that could be used to tag your work – e.g. assessment, literacy, raising achievement: Listening to music, music and concentration, music and attainment Why did you decide to undertake this project? What was it designed to achieve/what issue were you looking to address? Listening to music: the …