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Virtual discussion with staff/pupils (padlet)

A fantastic way to get either pupils or staff to ‘respond’ and’discuss’ elements during live learning is by placing a QR code in your lesson to a padlet page in order to enable all participants to share ideas. In addition all members of the ‘class’ can see one anothers’ comments and use their ideas in …

Post it storm

The teacher poses a question for pupils to consider independently. They write their response on a post it note and collate these on the board. Pupils then collect a couple, and discuss, respond, agree or disagree with their peer comments. Post it storm

Talking Point

A partner talk strategy where pupils enter into a structured dialogue about their learning prompted by sentence starters. Great idea to encourage pupils to debate or evaluate something. Talking point

Socratic Smackdown

This is a great strategy to get pupils to practise developing an argument, either independently or as a group. Pupils can earn points every time they use a strategies. Give pupils a topic, text or issue and a chance to prepare ideas before their discussion or written answer, which is scored by others. Socratic Smackdown discussion example Socratic …