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Keywords Connect/Connect fours

Put a range of words or key terms on the IWB at the start of the lesson, the pupils have to make a connection between each key term and justify why. You can also use this website to group 4 key terms or concepts by finding the common link between them.

7 letter Scrabble-off

Pupils are given 7 Scrabble letters and have a certain amount of time to create as many words as they can linked with the topic or subject being studied. Use this website to create tiles.  

Question tokens

Tell the pupils they can only have one of their questions answered, then they have to use other means to find out the answers to their questions. Give them a question token to hand in so you know once they’ve used it up!  

4 pics 1 word

Select 4 pictures to indicate clues to the pupils as to the jumbled word beneath. Add in extra letters to the word to make it harder to decipher. First pupil to guess is the winner! 4pics1word

Question roulette

Pupils are in teams and tasked to complete questions one at a time. Once the question is completed they race to the front to have it checked, if it is correct they get a gold coin (Hobby craft) and are directed to the next question. The team with the most questions completed by the end …


Pupils have to define the keywords from the question on the card and use the clue and answers to work out how they are connected! First to guess wins!

Codenames game

There are two teams. Using a 5 x 5 grid there are ‘spies’ hidden on the grid and one blac ‘assassin’. The aim is to discover their team’s spies first to win the game. If they hit the assassin they lose the game. If they hit an innocent bystander (neither a spy or an assassin, …

Two truths and a lie

To review prior learning pupils have to identify from three statements which is the lie, easy to get quick feedback by indicating A, B, or C which is the lie and why.

True or false

A set of statement or facts is listed, either on the board or using cards. Pupils indicate if they are correct or incorrect (using red/green cards) and should be expected to say why.


Pupils choose a card from a bag that contains a term they have learnt in the lesson (it might also have other associated words that they cannot use). They must describe this term to the class or their partner, without using the word itself. The class/partner must write down what they think it is on …