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Keywords Connect/Connect fours

Put a range of words or key terms on the IWB at the start of the lesson, the pupils have to make a connection between each key term and justify why. You can also use this website to group 4 key terms or concepts by finding the common link between them.

7 letter Scrabble-off

Pupils are given 7 Scrabble letters and have a certain amount of time to create as many words as they can linked with the topic or subject being studied. Use this website to create tiles.  

The bumps

Read or study a piece of text. During this process get the pupils actively involved: Ask the class to stand, every time a key term, tense or equivalent is mentioned, the pupils have to sit down. Last to sit down is out…see who the winner will be!  

Keyword chop

Half of the class are given questions and half are given answers, or half given one word of a key term and the others the other half. Pupils must silently go around the room trying to find out who their partner is. Once they have found one another they can either see if they can …

Beat the teacher

Everyone (teacher included) has a mini-whiteboard and pen. The teacher gives a calculation or anagram and everyone starts doing it. Either set the timer or give the pupil your time plus 1 minute. When they think they have the correct answer they must hold up it up on their whiteboard. Another version involves having a …