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Target language cards/chatty mats

Use these cards to reward children for using target language within MFL lessons or just for subject specific vocabulary. Additionally chatty mats can contain regularly used phrases and sentence starters to help students feel more confident in articulating their learning in class. Target Language cards

Talk like an expert – generic

Use this version of talk like an expert to develop students’ oracy and assess their accuracy as well as spelling of key words. Talk like an expert Language for Learning

Bigging up descriptions

Use this technique to spice up comparisons in the classroom by getting pupils to come up with a great description. Use the analogy of a ring announcer at a boxing match! For example, “In the red corner we have sodium, this ferocious element…”  

Spend the word

Give the pupils certain words that are more challenging to use either in a discussion task or written task. This provides a challenge and gets them thinking creatively! Pupils can also set targets for certain words for their partners to use too. Spend the word!

Bulletproof your work

Pupils can use this proof reading checklist to independently check their work for spelling accuracy, punctuation and grammar. Bulletproof version 1

Bulletproof your work

Pupil’s use this literacy checklist to independently proof read and check their work when self-assessing or before handing it in.