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Science of learning: Retrieval practice

Retrieval practice is the act of recalling learned information from long term memory. Each time the information is recalled it strengthens the connections between ideas and changes the context they are viewed in, which develops a pupil’s ability to use the information in different situations. Regular retrieval practice of prior knowledge can also help make …

Socrative: Quiz app for self marking

Socrative is a fantastic app to use to set pupils quizzes, polls and other formats to test their understanding. A powerful tool to be used as part of your home learning strategy – answers are automatically assessed, it also can be embedded within Showbie. Here is a video to demonstrate the uses of Socrative Pro.


A flashcard app that makes revision easy. Create cards for your class or get them to create their own packs that can be shared. Ways to use Quizlet in your teaching Create flashcards or set as hw to task to create Encourage students to use as main revision tool (Example image of flashcards below)   …