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Quality First Teaching

Advice and guidance from an evidence base as well as from our SEND Lead regarding Quality First Teaching and how to modify learning to support pupils. Quality First Teaching

Anxiety and supporting young people

Important information regarding anxiety and how it affects the adolescent brain. Read here for strategies to support pupils and an explanation of the effects of anxiety. Anxiety and the Adolescent brain


Read the guidance here in terms of understanding the needs of children with attachment challenges, and how to get the best out of these pupils/how to support them effectively. Attachment

Strategies for ADHD Pupils

Please find below various guidance from how to modify your teaching for children who have been diagnosed with ADHD Supporting ADHD pupils ADHD-Fact-Sheet-2018 (1) Secondary_School_Strategies ADHD The-Ultimate-ADHD-Toolkit-1 (1) How-to-Teach-Children-With-ADHD-2 (1) (1)