Identify mistakes: Dot marking/being an examiner

To aid feedback, use teacher guidance to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

1. Dot marking: Use RAG dots to help pupils to identify their own strengths and areas for development.

  • Red– incorrect facts, needs more description and explanation
  • Amber– needs explanation in specific detail e.g. statistics, dates, names, examples
  • Green– brilliant answer, fully explained, includes statistic

The teacher uses purple dots to help pupils to identify their own mistakes. The pupil then acts on this feedback by correcting their work in green.

The teacher uses yellow dots, combined with Whole Class Feedback, to help pupils identify their own areas for development. The orange text here shows the targets which pupils have been able to write.

2.Be the examiner: Pupils complete an exam question/assessment that has been assessed. Each group was given a section of the markscheme and gave feedback on how to improve the answer to that question for whole class. Pupils used feedback to improve their answers.

Dot marking_examiner_examples

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