Scaffolding for support

Hints and tips

Provide the children with hints, tips or clues to help scaffold learning. These can be differentiated and easily written on post it notes, use QR codes or simply folded paper around the room. You will be amazed how much they want to try on their own before looking at the hint!


Using a writing frame
pupils complete one section then scrunch up their paper and throw it to someone else in the room. They read what has been completed so far and continue with the essay/question with the next section of the writing frame.

Rotation squares

Pupils compare essay plans in small groups. They then use the rotation square template and complete it to plan out a paragraph. Pupils can construct this together. These can also be handed around the room or used as a carousel so pupils complete different parts of the paragraph.

Vocabulary stepping stones

Give pupils a question and key terminology that would be used in the answer. Using a blank writing frame as a guide, pupils sort the key words into the order they would appear in the essay or answer to help plan and formulate a response.

Word story

Give the pupils an essay or question title and a blank writing frame. Give them a limit of how many words they can use for their ‘story’/answer. They think of the important key terms and order them into an essay plan.