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Spend the word

Give the pupils certain words that are more challenging to use either in a discussion task or written task. This provides a challenge and gets them thinking creatively! Pupils can also set targets for certain words for their partners to use too. Spend the word!


Use the PowerPoint template to test pupils’ knowledge of concepts they have learnt. Pose a question and then the children complete their bingo grid with 9 possible answers. Reveal your answers to see who wins a full house first! bingo game

Talk like an expert

Allow students time to verbalise their learning. This ensures deeper cognitive processing and reinforces comprehension. Simple strategies can be employed such as having key terms colour coded and worth different points. When students are checking their understanding this encourages them to use key terminology and also assesses their learning. This concept can be developed further …


Age old classic game to test keywords and their meanings by ‘speedating’ around the classroom testing knowledge of key terms against another pupil. Another version Or use the word association game to revise a concept without pausing or hesitating.