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Instagram thinking

Get the pupils to draw an image as if they were posting on instagram to sum up what they have learnt. Get them to add a suitable comment underneath to explain their image. Instagram

Noughts and Crosses

Select 9 key terms or 9 questions that need to be answered. Pupils play a traditional game of O and X and see who wins! Noughts and Crosses


Pupils need to tell 3 people, 4 things they have learnt that lesson within 5 minutes! Add a sense of competitive challenge by a prize for the first to finish or get peers to rate the quality of one another’s responses. 3-4-5 plenary

Misconception plenary

Plenary activity where 4 answers are displayed on the board. Pupils are asked which answer reflective of a question, for example which answer is equivalent to 320 x 100. A discussion ensues surrounding these 4 answers where the children have to decide which is a true reflection, why, and why the wrong answers are wrong. …

Two truths and a lie

To review prior learning pupils have to identify from three statements which is the lie, easy to get quick feedback by indicating A, B, or C which is the lie and why.

True or false

A set of statement or facts is listed, either on the board or using cards. Pupils indicate if they are correct or incorrect (using red/green cards) and should be expected to say why.


Pupils choose a card from a bag that contains a term they have learnt in the lesson (it might also have other associated words that they cannot use). They must describe this term to the class or their partner, without using the word itself. The class/partner must write down what they think it is on …

Scrabble tile

Pupils have to make as many words they can related to a topic using scrabble tiles. Then calculate how many points each word is worth! They can’t repeat letters- they can only use what is shown!

Press conference/Hot seat

Hold a ‘press conference’ where pupils interview either the teacher or another child about their knowledge on the new topic for 1 minute.

Positive Negative Interesting (PNI)

Pose a statement/question to the children. Get them to think creatively in response to an ‘out of the box’ question and are encouraged to think of more than one perspective i.e. what are all the positive, negative and interesting impacts of that question.