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GRIT stickers

Use these stickers in class to help build resilience in our students. This helps students reflect on their learning and learn from mistakes.  

Hints and tips

Provide the children with hints, tips or clues to help scaffold learning. These can be differentiated and easily written on post it notes, use QR codes or simply folded paper around the room. You will be amazed how much they want to try on their own before looking at the hint!

Post it targets

Simple yet effective, once pupils have reflected on their work and written their next steps/targets on post it notes they stick it somewhere in the room for next time. When pupils return for the next lesson they simply collect their previous post it note from the place they left it and address their target, ensuring …

Train students as markers

With the pupils break down a mark scheme/answer so they understand the language. Pupils then focus in on one skill area or assessment objective (that they have expertise in) and become expert markers in that. They then mark other pupils work just for that one aspect and provide constructive feedback.

Promoting Resilience in the Classroom

Why did you decide to undertake this project? What was it designed to achieve? Resilience is an ever increasingly important quality in a pupil as it leads to higher confidence, achievements and prepares individuals for life beyond education. Waxman et al believe that this area of research has important implications for improving the education of students, especially …

Fostering the culture of resilience

We continue to focus on how to foster a culture of resilience; our INSET day this October kicked off to a great start with Alistair Smith reminding us of the importance of resilience and whether it can be “caught, wrought or taught”. Alistair raised some important points, of particular note that the dimensions of resilience …