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Throwback revision quiz

A strategy used to recall learning and support interleaving through the points that are awarded based on how long ago the pupils learnt the content. Additional extra to ‘uplift’ and improve their answers. CB5 Throwback Revision Quiz

Collaboration: Sharing the load (pupils)

Pupils are allocated a task to complete and share for all peers to access via padlet. This can be a great revision tool, additionally pupils use it to support them in answering questions. Similarly using Googledocs to create a shared revision document that has been collaborated on by an entire class considering one single aspect …

Topic meets…

Ask students to create a revision resource to share with their classmates but they ‘cross it over’ or ‘mix it up’ with a topic that interests them. E.g. Mr Men meets punctuation, punctuation meets Disney princesses.

Quiz quiz trade

Pupils have a question and answer, or key term and definition and have to quiz one another whilst moving around the room. Children who have finished raise their hand to indicate they are ready to find another partner.

Headline hype

Pupils fill in or create headlines based on topics they have recently been studying. This helps the children consolidate knowledge and encourages creativity. Headline Hype      

Scrabble tile

Pupils use Scrabble tiles to see if they can come up with a certain number of words linking to the topic being studied. Prizes can be awarded for the highest scores. Scrabble starter  


As a starter, for revision or an additional challenge, set a Linkee question. 4 questions that the pupils answer independently. The answers of all the questions should link in some way. Can they work out the link? Give a clue to help them.

Keywords Connect/Connect fours

Put a range of words or key terms on the IWB at the start of the lesson, the pupils have to make a connection between each key term and justify why. You can also use this website to group 4 key terms or concepts by finding the common link between them.

Question tokens

Tell the pupils they can only have one of their questions answered, then they have to use other means to find out the answers to their questions. Give them a question token to hand in so you know once they’ve used it up!  

The bumps

Read or study a piece of text. During this process get the pupils actively involved: Ask the class to stand, every time a key term, tense or equivalent is mentioned, the pupils have to sit down. Last to sit down is out…see who the winner will be!