A digital canvas that allows you to create discussion boards in your lessons. Students are able to add to your board to give their opinion, demonstrate their learning or answer a given question.

The Padlet E- Learning Express session took place on 11th October 2017 showing how to set up a discussion board as well as ways it can be used in lessons across all subject areas Download Powerpoint


Ways to use Padlet in your teaching

  • Observations of own/peers work (strengths and weaknesses)
  • ‘What’s the error’ style question that students have to try to solve
  • AFL for skills and techniques learnt
  • A level text discussions – wider discussions to larger pieces of work (Example image below)

  • ‘What do you want to learn in your revision lessons?’
  • Where students lost marks to highlight mistakes and misconceptions – peer support
  • Model/exemplar answers
  • Share ideas and peer assess, good to see how others answer a question (Example image below)


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