Making comparisons

Making comparisons between pieces of learning can really aid a pupil’s understanding. Ask pupils to compare two model answers or approaches to make a comparative judgement about which is the better response and why. This forces the pupil to think qualitatively and observe the similarities and differences of features in the work, rather than make quantitative judgements.

It might be helpful to follow this process:

Step 1: Pupil receives assessment mark, but no annotation.

Step 2: Pupil annotates own work in relation to a model answer.

Step 3: Pupil refines their work and receives final feedback.

Another method you can use is ‘Keep it, bin it’. Pupils are given 2 responses/pieces if work. Ask them what they would ‘keep’ and ‘bin’, and why. Instruct them then to write/create a ‘new and improved’ response.

Here is an example of an editable ‘Keep it, bin it’ template. keep it bin it edit

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