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Get chatty

Use this strategy to get pupils to make a tool to enable them to test one another based on what they have learnt. Get chatty

Throwback revision quiz

A strategy used to recall learning and support interleaving through the points that are awarded based on how long ago the pupils learnt the content. Additional extra to ‘uplift’ and improve their answers. CB5 Throwback Revision Quiz

Car park questions

Pupils often have lots of questions they want to pose. This can sometimes disrupt the pace and flow of a lesson. As a way of addressing this, ‘Car Park Questions’ encourages pupils to ‘park’ any questions they have during the lesson along the top row. In the bottom row, pupils are asked to complete the …

Bumping lessons

The theory behind this strategy is to do something different within a lesson in order to ‘jolt’ their memory and therefore increase the likelihood of pupils remembering what they have learnt. Click here for some examples: Bumping lessons

Find it and fix it!

A great strategy to address identified misconceptions (from an assessment or piece of work) Use the find it and fix it matrix to present pupils with subtle misconceptions that have arisen. Get them to identify the misconceptions and correct the errors as part of intervening to improve understanding. Find it and fix it paper 1

Talking debate

This speaking framework is a great tool to help pupils develop the skill to argue and debate. It scaffolds dialogue to enable pupils to express themselves with clarity and justification, a really important 21st century skill. Talking debate

No gap, gap fill

A great way to challenge pupils by providing an exercise to decipher what is missing and where it is missing. It means they really have to focus and think to be certain they understand a topic! No gap gap fill