AfL within remote lessons

Consider the many ways to ‘punctuate’ your online learning with assessment for learning opportunities. This will serve to engage pupils by breaking up the learning, but also facilitate self assessment so that pupils have an awareness of their progress. Here are some suggestions from staff:

1) Provide questions, markschemes and model responses from other pupils to help pupils accurately self assess their work AfL_markscheme

2) Create AfL opportunities where pupils pause the video or within the lesson to complete mini tasks to assess their learning. Add in answer slides to enable pupils to self assess. AfL_example_bus

3) Ask pupils to pose questions to one another on platforms such as padlet, then challenge them to answer and rate one anothers’ questions. Afl_question

4) Voicenote/record: Ask pupils to demonstrate their understanding using voice notes or voice recordings. This is easy to do on an ipad or mobile device and great for subjects like MFL or Drama. Afl_voicenote

5) Directed tasks:Directed tasks After completing any of the wide varieties of online quizzes or forms, pupils then are given direction based on how well they understood a topic (and their score) which directed task to do next as a result.

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