ASE Planning for assessment, knowledge matrices
Knowledge Matrices Y1-6
Knowledge Matrices Y1
Knowledge Matrices Y2
Knowledge Matrices Y3
Knowledge Matrices Y4
Knowledge Matrices Y5
Knowledge Matrices Y6

ASE PLAN Primary Science is a set of resources produced to enable teachers to have a clearer understanding of National Curriculum expectations for meeting the standard.
Y1 Materials Olivia_
Y1 Plants Olivia
Y1 Seasonal changes Olivia
Y3 Plants Max secure_
Y5 Forces Melissa
Y5 humans and living things Charlotte
Y5 Materials and their Properties Melissa

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Activity SL5b Pupil Voice Aug 17

Click HERE for all the TAPS plans for focused assessments in science. Click on the ‘Focused assessment database’ tab within the website to download each assessment sheet.

Transition Year 6-Year 7

Self Assessment Sheet
Student Worksheet